Dedicated Resources

One of the biggest fears of any project manager is lack of resources. If you don’t have the resources you need for the project you won’t be able to deliver things on time. Virgosys offers you the best of breed resources on a project basis so that you can comfortably make commitments to clients. Dedicated resources are provided for the full time of the project and meet your Job Description/Requirements. We shall work in fulfilling this requirement as and when your projects need to scale or require sudden manpower as time is less to deliver the project. iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia platforms. Virgosys develops mobile solutions and provides mobile application development services.

We work on hourly and monthly basis on a. dedicated resource(s) Resources normally work out of Virgosys and keep the client PM/Client posted on the work progress. Full teams can be constituted and consist of:

as per your requirements Team composition is based on your requirements.

So if you need a good team and need to scale you can reach out to us for your requirements. In case the project needs to reduce your resources you can do so at short notice times.