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Parents Schookee is a complete school management software application developed by Virgosys. This school management application software Contains Academic Profiles, Courses and an On-line Interface linking Parent, staff and organization.

The parents can register from the school websites through on-line. The statistics provided by the parents will be confirmed by the school management. Once the data is established, parents can login to school's on-line portal.

The school management software includes Parent e-mail groups in the school website portal and the child's related information e-mails like timetables, rescheduling, hall tickets, rules and regulation related to exams and others can be sent out.

Features of Parents Schookee :

  • Schookee provides students guardians with an interactive tool to monitor the overall performance of their child.

  • Student's Guardians have access to Fee, attendance, exams, progress report material issue and other information.

  • Discuss issues related to the child's performance interactively with the staff.

  • Students can apply for leave and Scholarship online. Communication with teacher, friends and peers through chat.

  • Discuss issues with other parents via chat and message boards.

  • Parents can access their child's educational profile and track class appearance, attendance, staff comments, penalizing actions, etc.

  • Parents can contact a teacher or administrator on-line to make possible the resolution of any problem that may exists.


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