LMS(Learning Management System)

What is LMS ?

  • This E-learning System( LMS ) manages, tracks and reports on interaction between the student and the content & the student and the instructor lms software.
  • Perform learner registration, track learner progress, record test scores, and indicate course completions, and finally allow instructor trainers to assess the performance of their learners.

Assigns and tracks all forms of Instructor led, Resource center and Web - based learning

  • Facilitates a truly integrated blended approach by including Instructor led, web-based and other learning activities.
  • Helps improve bottom line results by maximizing efficiency and reducing training expenditure by automating processes.
  • This E-learning system allows easy allocation of training resources and reducing the time and cost of education resource administration.
  • Ensures all e-learning is undertaken in a secure password protected environment.

Management Reports to Evaluate education Performance

  • Helps provide usage and cost information for managers to accurately assess return on investment of training activities.
  • Enables full tracking of education resources and presentation using a range of standard reports.
  • Gives detailed reporting to individual, which can provide valuable information on training and assessments.

Provides Online Collaborated tools

  • Tools consists of Forums, Chat rooms and E-Mail.
  • Enhances the overall e-learning experience by enabling an organization's own learning community.
  • Provides a truly blended learning experience to increase knowledge retention.
  • Encourages learners to manage their own training with access to their e-learning records and training needs.
  • Learners, Instructors and admin can communicate each other using e-mail, chat, and forum / message board.

Learning Management System Presentation

Learning Management System Features


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